Online tutoring is often deemed as something as a rescue or a last option. People tend to look for online tutoring when the “week before the exam” or the “night before the homework due” panic sets in. Driving factor behid this is the high costs of getting one-on-one tutoring, doesn’t matter wether it is online or in-person.

There are numerous private tutoring services available in The United States today, so how do you pick the one the Best online tutoring services ? How do you pick the one which can encourage a proactive approach to learning, rather than the popular reative approach to the worsening GPA?

The prominent part of online learning is the online learning platform or whiteboard interface. For optimum experience, student should be able to see the tutor, chat with the tutor and share a whiteboard space where the student can follow along with the tutor. Being able to upload various types of documents and resources to the whiteboard, drawing shapes, solving equations and graphing them are some of the additional features which can drastically enhance your online tutoring experience and lower your frustration while using a service.

Accessibility is next. You should be able to talk to the tutor or a staff member if need be, about your child’s goals, progress, needs, and concerns. It is important to be assigned one long term tutor rather than having to jump in between tutors and lossing a fraction of your progress every time.

Affordablility plays a big role while picking a proactive online tutoring service as well. While country is going through a recession, you should not have to worry about paying an arm and a leg for advacing your kid’s learning capabilities.

My Tutor-To-Go is a private, online learning platform which checks all the required boxes and then some. With lessons for only $20/hour and tutors who cater to pre-school, k-12, and through college, it is one stop for the proactive help that your child needs to sustain their high GPA without having to worry about seeking emergent help as they worsen.

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