What makes My Tutor-To-Go different?

Sure, there are many online learning services available currently in the market. You might even get overwhelmed with the amount of options out there. Why start another one?

Because it was about time we addressed the issue of high costs of this services in the United States. To find a quality tutor today, even for a middle schooler, the hourly rate ranges anywhere from $35-$100. Not saying that the tutors do not deserve that for their efforts, because they absolutely do, but not everyone is privileged enough to pay that amount to receive those services.

Hence, we are again contributing to widening the educational gap between the privileged and the underprivileged. My Tutor-To-Go is a platform, where passionate tutors who understood this problem, have come together to make a difference in the society. Same high quality education, but at an affordable price.

All students and parents need to understand now, is that tutoring is no longer that expensive last resort which you use when everything else has failed. My Tutor-To-Go is the tutoring service you use ‘Before your Test’. It is the tutoring service you use to understand that difficult concept for your quiz at your own pace. My Tutor-To-Go is aiming to change the online tutoring industry, with it’s commitment to accessibility, high quality and affordable prices.

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